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Northern Territory
Western Australia
Western Australia
Western Australia

Barramundi (f) Skin Off

Huon Salmon - Skin Off

Barramundi (Wild Caught)

Pearl Perch

King Snapper - Skin On

Red Emperor - Skin On

Gold Band Snapper - Skin Off

$8.00 per fillet

$12.00 per fillet

$12.00 per fillet

$12.00 per fillet

$40.00 kg

$54.00 kg

$43.00 kg

$38.00 kg

$54.00 kg

$62.00 kg

$70.00 kg

Mooloolabah Extra Large Green (Raw) Prawns (500gm min)
King Prawn Cutlets (Peeled) 1 x kg Bag approx 45-50
Sea Scallops Roe On (Large) 1 x kg Bag approx 20-25
Squid Pineapple Cut Tubes (Whole Not Sliced) (500gm min)
NZ greensill muscles half shell
NZ greensill muscles meat only, aprox 85
Cooked prawns and oysters pre order only (12-24 hrs notice please) if available

$49.99 per kg

$50.00 kg

$50.00 kg

$36.00 kg

1kg box $25

1kg box $39

Market Price

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Saturday and Sunday 11:00pm - 7:30pm